Graham Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center

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Resident Notes

Christine’s Story

“The nurses at Graham Healthcare are skilled at their jobs and are also nice to talk to. I enjoy the caregivers here. I also trust the transportation driver. She’s very safe and qualified, kind, right on schedule, talks to the Doctor for me, and helps me in and out of the van. The volunteers are also very nice. One young volunteer made me a card that said I brightened her day every time she saw me and she brought me flowers in a hand decorated cup. That was so nice of her. We have a lot of volunteers, like the bluegrass band, and the church groups. The churches come around to talk to us and bring us candy and ask if they can bring us anything. They bring the kids to sing to us. People in this community go out of their way to make it nice for us.

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The staff also goes above and beyond to make us feel special. When my husband and I had our 60th anniversary here, my family called and asked to reserve a room in order to celebrate our anniversary. The staff decorated the room so nicely. They didn’t have to do it but that’s what they do here.” –Christine Zervas

Susie’s Story

“I’ve been here a little over two years. I like it here. They’re good to me, like family. We get together for activities, like birthday parties and gardening and crafts. Being with everyone makes me feel good. I like playing bingo too, even if I don’t win!

I like the prayer meeting on Saturday night. I’ve known the preacher since he was a little boy. That’s another thing about living here is being able to stay close to the people you already know.

I also love the nurses, I know they’ll take great care of me. And we like to joke around with each other. They’re great!

I also like the administrator, Tim. He’s my buddy. He’s always nice to me and the other residents. He always makes sure you have what you want and it’s good to know he cares so much. They all do!” –Susie Clark

The Beasley Family Story

“One thing I like about Mama being here is the activities. It’s good to have something for the residents to do. Even if she doesn’t actively participate, there is always something going on that she can do or watch others do. The church services are a really important part of living here. We grew up in church and having the many church services allows Mama to continue practicing her faith.

The therapy staff is very nice and extra good in the work that they do. The care from the CNA’s is good.

It was important to me and my brothers that our mother stayed in her hometown when she needed extra care. I am unable to drive long distances and here, I am able to see her almost every day. My brothers are able to see her a lot too. Being in Graham Healthcare, Mama knows many of the residents and staff members from living in the community and that makes it more comfortable for her to be here among her peers. And we are also able to visit residents we grew up knowing.” –Jeannette Beasley